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About ASI

Rhode Island Material Handling Company
Grows with Time Proven Strategy

Tremendous enthusiasm, a determined commitment to hard work and long hours, and a determination to not only succeed, but to be the best in their line of business. With this, and just one employee, Bill and Claire DiMaio opened the doors of American Surplus Inc. in a modest 3,000 square foot building in Norwood, MA in 1992.

In the years since then, Bill and Claire and their company have become a very visible example of the American success story. They quickly burst the seams of the Norwood facility and continued their rapid growth in Lincoln, RI. Knowledge of the market, anticipation of customer needs and satisfying those needs resulted in the DiMaio's quickly outgrowing their 110,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

A new 460,000 sq. ft. headquarters in East Providence, RI was selected as the new (and current) home for American Surplus Inc. Just the scope of the move over several weeks, demonstrated the size and capability of the company. Four hundred twenty-five tractor trailer loads were needed to relocate the huge, comprehensive, diverse and carefully selected inventory of new and used material handling equipment, shelving, pallet rack, conveyor and other equipment of every description needed for display or warehousing.

American Surplus Inc. is now fully prepared not only for the present, but also for the future. The new facility has been configured to include all necessary fabrication, frame modification and custom decking shops with enough room remaining for a demo lab with examples of several storage systems and miscellaneous products. The fleet of lifts can be assembled in its own 5,000 sq. ft. space, enabling customers to comfortably examine and test them.

Over 35 miles of conveyors from various manufacturers are neatly stored and inventoried for quick retrieval. Thousands of bays of shelving and pallet rack are also carried in stock to ensure fast lead times and availability.

During 1997, ASI grew to become the largest dealer on the East Coast with several new salespeople on the staff and sales increased to over $5 million. Production staffing also increased to over 30 employees.

Now in 2006, American Surplus, Inc. has projected sales of 8 million with over 50 employees making it one of the fastest growing Material Handling Companies in the country.

We continue to specialize in Lockers, Carousels, Rolling Ladders, Scales, In-plant Offices, Dock Equipment, Drive-in Racks, Cabinets and Drawers, Cantilever Rack, Carts and Trucks, Totes and Bins, Work Benches, Security and Safety Equipment, Rack Storage, Rack Decking, Flow Rack, Record Storage Rack, Conveyors (including Power and Gravity), Forklifts, Lift Equipment, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Mezzanine, Steel Industrial Shelving, Chrome Wire Shelving, Packaging Equipment, Case Sealers, Heat/Shrink Tunnels, Box Staplers, Packaging Tables, Strapping Machines, Tape Dispensers, Case Erecters, Pallet Strappers, Stretch Wrappers, Hoppers, Baskets, Fans and much, much more!!!!

Supporting our "knock on the door" philosophy, ASI has field and inside sales specialists with extensive experience in all phases of the material handling and storage industry. Getting it right the first time and satisfying their customers' needs with practical field proven solutions at low prices is their formula for success. Their doors are open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturday by appointment.

Company Information:
Located in Rumsford, RI, our 460,00 sq. ft. warehouse is the biggest in the country. We provide new, used and surplus material handling and storage equipment. We employ a full-time inside and outside sales team with the knowledge and years of experience to provide our customers with the right equipment to suit all material handling needs. We can save you thousands of dollars and precious time. The buying team of Bill DiMaio Jr. and Sr. together with all our field representatives cover a large section of the country. We have a network of companies who sell their surplus equipment to us. We stock over 5000 bays of industrial shelving, 35 miles of power conveyor, 10,000 sections of pallet rack, 100,000 sf of mezzanine components and hundreds of carts, trucks, containers, totes, as well as a fleet of fork lifts. Our goal is to provide you with product, solutions and recommendations that you can incorporate to energize your business and take your company to a new level.

Mission Statement:

American Surplus, Inc. is committed to being the premier used material handling equipment supplier in the country by providing our customers with the highest quality equipment, at an affordable price, through the efforts and hard work of our dedicated and devoted employees, all while ensuring the financial strength of our company.

Core Values:

1) Highest quality equipment, at an affordable price. We specialize in obtaining used material handling equipment and bringing it to a condition where the customer is receiving the same benefits as purchasing a new piece of equipment, at a price substantially lower, thereby maximizing customer value.

2) The efforts and hard work of our dedicated and devoted employees. Without our employees, we couldn't achieve our business goals or success which has brought us to this point. We provide a safe working environment as well as a healthy one. A environment where teamwork, cooperation, career development and the promotion of new ideas is greatly encouraged.

3) The financial strength of our company. We utilize new technologies and business strategies all in an effort to maximize the profitability of our company so that we can continue to deliver the best to our customers.


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