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What is it and how does it work?

Who would benefit by using Push Back Rack?


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Frazier Push Back Rack
Hi-Line Pushback Rack
Structural Pushback Rack
Teardrop Push Back Rack
Konstant Pushback Rack

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Who would benefit by using Push Back Rack?

Because of the LIFO inventory system that Push Back Rack utilizes, it is ideal for the following industries:

  • Wholesale Food Distributors
  • Frozen Food Warehouses
  • Wholesale Seafood Distributors
  • Warehouses or Distribution centers experiencing high product/pallet turnover.
  • Industries utilizing food applications due to the rack’s debris free design.


  • The best possible use of all available space is made because pushback rack is a compact storage unit system.  Compared to other traditional pallet rack systems, pushback rack provides considerably more storage capacity (30-60% more dense than other conventional rack systems.
  • Very little height space is wasted with Pushback rack.
  • Pushback rack is easily installed and able to be modified to keep up with your changing warehouse needs.
  • Unlike other rack systems, each level can be used to store a different SKU.  Each level is independently accessible and independent of each other.
  • Ideal for storing medium turnover products, with two or more pallets per SKU.
  • Designed to be debris-free so they are advantageous for food applications.
  • Greater density, selectivity and accessibility over other traditional rack systems.  High selectivity results in faster pick rates and more pick faces.
  • It takes less pushback rack and storage space to provide the same capacity as drive-in rack.  A productivity advantage is gained because a forklift can always work from the face of the rack, rather than reaching in or driving in to get a pallet.
  • Since every pallet position is utilized, this could translate into needing a smaller warehouse and reducing the need to expand into a larger one.
  • Requires very little maintenance-resistant to abuse, great load bearing capacity.
  • Pushback rack can be combined with other types of racking, i.e. Drive-in Rack.
  • Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and product damage.
  • Pushback rack fills the storage cube with product, not space wasting aisles.  Selective Pallet Rack systems are single deep, where Pushback rack can be 2 to 6 deep.
  • Unlike conventional systems, the forklift handles pallets with the stringers placed perpendicularly, in such a way that they rest cross-ways on the trolleys and rails.
  • Once the model and measurements of the pallets have been analyzed, together with the available space and the type of forklift to be used, the number of pallets can be specified.  The construction system is similar in all cases.  The only things that change are the number and measurements of the trolleys and rails.

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